Hello World!

imageHey guys!!!

As you can probably tell, this is my first post on my new blog! I’m so excited to be starting fresh as I haven’t blogged for ages!

So, I guess I will start off by telling you a little bit about me. My name is Jaime and I’m 13 years old. I do musical theatre, ice skating, dancing and lots more. I love art and my favourite animals are cats. I have four pets – two cats and two Guinea pigs. I will be posting pictures of them a lot!!!

So that’s a little bit about me, I would love to know about you guys in the comments if anyone is even reading this lol 🙂 but I’m just doing this for fun as I do have some exciting moments in life I like to share! So I’m sorry this post was really not that exciting but I promise they will be better in the future!!!

Thanks for stopping by at my small corner of the Internet!

– Jaime xxx


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